Samstag 20. Januar 2018

WBCSD-Publikation zu den Sustainable Development Goals in Europa

Gemeinsames Positionspapier unter anderem mit respACT

19 europäische Partner des World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) - darunter auch respACT - erarbeiteten ein gemeinsames Positionspapier zu den globalen Nachhaltigkeitszielen. 


"The paper, titled An Inspirational View for a Sustainable Economy in Europe: Taking on the SDGs, encourages European governments and the EU Commission to embrace the Global Goals as the main framework driving policy development and priority setting across the continent. The paper also positions business as a critical solution provider for sustainable and inclusive growth, and calls upon the EU to pursue a policy framework that enables business to fulfil its potential and leverage resources to contribute to the 2030 agenda moving forward."

Werfen Sie hier einen Blick in die Publikation:


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